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In the News is frequently featured by national and local media. We enjoy the publicity and love to spread the word about the design and functional benefits of installing chimney pots. Here are a few of the places we’ve appeared.

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Curb Appeal (Episode CRB-1401)
In December 2004, we were invited to San Anselmo, California for an episode of the popular home improvement show, Curb Appeal. This show airs nationally on Home & Garden Television (HGTV) and, as the name suggests, offers tips and tricks for sprucing up the outside of a house.

As Realtors know, outside appearance - or curb appeal - is one of the leading factors in the perceived value of a house. And as we know, chimney pots add character to a house, set it apart from its neighbors, and are a great way to enhance the architecture of a home.

The show was a perfect fit. The homeowners, were trying to rehab their aging mission style home. After talking about style and obtaining flue measurements, we sent three chimney pots to the family. They loved the pots and promptly named them: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear. After much thought, the family chose their favorite, and we flew out to help them install the pot and conduct an on-air interview.

The mission style home had a major facelift, and the chimney pot served as a crowning touch on the project. We had a great time and were happy to participate in this excellent program. Our thanks to the great production staff at Curb Appeal! For more info on this episode and when it might air again, go to and search for CRB-1401.


I Want That! (Episode HIWT-107)
I Want That! airs prime time on HGTV throughout the US. The program showcases innovations for the home – what they call “the latest and greatest products and ideas.” And while chimney pots have been around for centuries, this all-about-the-cutting-edge show recognized that their design value is very much in the now!

I Want That! asked us to show America a wide range of chimney pots and talk about what makes them so interesting to today’s inspired homeowners.

We took their crew to visit a few different homes in the Baltimore, Maryland area. We also put them in touch with one California homeowner who bought our magnificent Guardian Dragon pot, which stands over five feet high! They loved what they saw, and so did their viewers: our site was on fire for weeks.

Our heartfelt thanks to the excellent production staff of I Want That! For more information on this episode and when it might air again, go to and search for HIWT-107. (The Chimney Pot Shoppe)
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